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Based in Toronto, Canada, Gillman Professional Corporation, Barristers & Solicitors is dedicated to providing high quality, efficient and cost-effective Canadian legal services. We focus on what we do extremely well:

Corporate &
Commercial Law

We assist clients with wide range of business and commercial legal matters, including preparing or reviewing commercial agreements, setting up, reorganising, buying and selling businesses, advice on employment law and regulation and competition and trade practice issues, including marketing and advertising law. More about Corporate & Commercial Law

Financial Services Law

We have decades of knowledge and experience in Canadian financial services law, with particular expertise in payment systems, financial institution incorporation, organization, legislation and regulation. Our payments law expertise is unique in the Canadian legal marketplace. More Financial Services Law

Alcohol Regulatory & Marketing Law/Cannabis Regulatory & Marketing Law

We have a unique specialty in Canadian alcohol regulatory and marketing law including liquor licensing regulation, interpretation of alcohol advertising regulation as well as advising on product labelling and compositional standards. As well, in light of our extensive experience and good working relationships with federal and provincial alcohol regulators, we are well-positioned to provide advice and assistance in connection with the new federal and provincial cannabis regulatory laws. More about Alcohol Regulatory & Marketing Law/Cannabis Regulatory & Marketing Law

Privacy Law

We assist financial services, health care and other clients with their privacy compliance and legal requirements. More about Privacy Law

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Quality, Value and Personal Service

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