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As part of our beverage alcohol regulatory practice, we keep abreast of industry developments in brewing, distilling, winemaking, and related fields. In this regard, we had a short piece this month in Calgary Metro, a daily print and digital commuter newspaper in the Star Media Group. It was part of a spread for Calgary International Beerfest held May 5-6, 2017.

The piece, “A Resurgence of Many Styles of Beer To Enjoy”, can be viewed on pg. 15 in this link. It is slated to re-appear in Edmonton shortly as well. The article is directed to a general audience and considers why the industry has mutated from a small group of large brewers making uniform products to a large number of different-size breweries making a dizzying range of beer styles.

In addition, Brewery History, an established scholarly journal in England devoted to beer and brewing history, has just published its latest issue, No. 169. It contains contains two articles of ours. One is a fully-referenced article on the history of a hitherto undiscovered pre-Prohibition beer type known as “musty ale”. The other is a review of Empire of Booze, a new book which argues that Britain was instrumental in creating many of the world’s great drinks.

About the Author
Gary Gillman holds undergraduate law degrees in Civil Law and Common Law from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is a member of the Quebec Bar and has been a member of the Ontario Bar since 1983. He was trained and practiced for many years in nationally-known law firms in Montreal and Toronto, principally in numerous areas of corporate and commercial law. In 1995, he obtained a Master’s Degree (LL.M) with Distinction in European Management and Employment law from the University of Leicester in England. His training in the law of European economic and political integration allows him to help clients understand international business and legal trends, the North American Free Trade Agreement and economic globality. Gary regularly attends and speaks at professional conferences and keeps current on all the legal areas he covers. Gary has authored during his career numerous legal articles and papers for professional or trade journals. Gary co-authors the quarterly Gillman Financial Regulatory Report, a business law and financial law newsletter of our firm.